Leaking Taps

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We can repair leaking taps but if they are old, corroded and unsightly, it may be preferable to replace them with a set of new ones.

Taps are a key element in the overall style and functionality of any bathroom and choosing the right ones will ensure that you and your family enjoy years of pleasure and trouble free service. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Check tap holes and pipe sizes. Some baths and basins come pre-drilled with 1, 2 or 3 holes. This may determine whether you need a mono mixer, standard double or double with a separate water spout. Standard tap sizes are, bath 3/4” and basin 1/2”.
  2. Know your water pressure. Combi boilers come in medium to high pressure models while gravity fed pressures are generally in the lower range. Reputable tap brands will specify the pressure each model requires in order to function properly.
  3. Go for the best quality your budget will allow. Solid brass is extremely corrosion resistant. Recycled brass is more economical while “virgin brass” has fewer impurities which give the water that “tap” taste. Ceramic disks last longer than rubber washers.
  4. Choose the style of your dreams. Taps can become a focal point in your bathroom or kitchen. Choose a theme which suits both home and lifestyle. There is an amazing variety of styles available from Edwardian-porcelain-effects to floor-mounted pillars, up-stand levers and modern waterfall spouts with touch sensitive controls.

Throw out those old leaking taps and unlock the true value in your home with a set of beautiful new designer taps. We are passionate about beautiful kitchens and bathrooms.

Tap Leak Repair

Repairing a leaking tap should always be considered a high priority, and not something that can be left until later. While a leaking tap often starts off as little more than an occasional drip, it will probably develop into something much more serious and demanding immediate attention surprisingly quickly. Tap leak repair can be carried out by a DIY enthusiast – if they know exactly what they are doing – but as DIY repairs all too often end up needing even greater repairs, it is usually best to seek the services of a professional who fully understands plumbing procedures.

When a plumber is called in to do a leaking tap repair, they often find that the tap is old, and frankly, well past its ‘sell by date’. Taps can become corroded over time, and leaks will often develop as a result. The best solution in such cases is often to simply to replace the tap with a new one. Not only will that solve the leakage problem, but the tap will very likely give no further problems for many years to come. A new tap also looks nicer and functions better too.

One of the best materials for a tap is brass. Solid brass is excellent at resisting corrosion, meaning it will give you a long, trouble-free life of useful service. Taps made from brass also look good, their colour hinting at expensive gold, and adding a splash of luxury to any kitchen or bathroom. Virgin brass is best and it is less likely to add a taste to the water. Recycled brass, on the other hand, is easier on the pocket, but will contain more impurities than virgin brass.

One item that may cause a tap to drip is the washer if it has become old and worn. Traditionally, these have been made from rubber. However, rubber, or washers made from a similar compound, are prone to eventual decay, which in turn will cause a water leakage. The rubber washer will then need to be replaced. A better solution, however, is a ceramic disc. These last considerably longer than rubber washers and are generally more efficient too.

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